How To Maintain Your Vacuum Cleaner

The vacuum cleaner is a vital weapon when battling to keep the home free from debris, allergens, and dirt. 2020 best vacuums are ideal for your home cleaning needs. However, like any other tool, it needs regular care and maintenance. You can ensure your vacuum cleaner lasts longer and also get better value for your money. You can avoid expensive repairs with regular care and inspection.

Regular maintenance will help keep the cleaner functioning for long without trouble. Here are some of the ways to maintain and care for your vacuum cleaner and in good shape for home cleaning.

Replace the Bag Regularly

Replacing the bag comes top of the vacuum cleaner checklist for maintenance. Most people believe the vacuum cleaner bag should only be replaced when it is full. On the contrary, for the optimum functioning of the machine, it is advisable to replace its bag when it is three-quarters full. When the bag is full, it cannot store the debris, and this will reduce the efficiency of your machine.

When you find that the areas you vacuumed are layered with debris almost immediately, then this is a sign that that the bag is almost full.

Brush Roll Cleaning

When cleaning rugs and carpet brush roll comes in handy. With constant usage, however, it can get wrapped up by things such as strings, floss, or hair that inhibits the spinning movement of the brush roll. Whereas you can clean the brush roll without detaching it from the cleaner, detaching it will allow you to clean it better and deeper.
Once you can see the debris, use your hand to remove it, or you can wash it off with water and soap. Ensure you also clean the caps, bearing, and other accessible and visible parts.

Check the Roll Belt

After cleaning the brush roll, it is important to inspect its belt. If it does not tightly hold the roll, then replace it. Also, if it is frayed, stretched out, or narrow, you should consider replacing it. It is advisable to replace the belt biannually. This, however, depends on the frequency of using the cleaner.

Clean Hoses and Filters

Most vacuum cleaners today come with filters for picking particulate matter. The articles can pollute the air in your home. It is, therefore, essential to clean and replace the filters of your vacuum cleaner regularly. Filters made of plastic can be washed with soap and water, while those made of fabric or paper should be shaken off the impurities, or you can use a blower to do this.

These simple maintenance practices will ensure your vacuum cleaner remains effective. Using these care and maintenance guidelines will extend the life of your cleaner and keep it at best.