Pest Control Tips

Pest insects and animals have some things in common. They all must have harborage, water, and food. Stressing pests will force them to move from one place to the other. This can be as a result of taking away one pest from the others. The moving away occurs where the natural environment favors it. Even where the natural environment does not favor it, you can still discourage pests activities.

Inspecting your roof

Ensure your roofs have no leaks by inspecting once in a while. Repair the roofs that have leaks to control pests. Ensure water is diverted from the foundation of a house. This will prevent pests entry into the house. Ensure downspouts and gutters are in good working condition. Good working gutters will help control pests.attic- roof

Pruning all your trees

Ensure tree branches are not touching the rooftops by trimming and pruning of trees. The same should be done in carport areas, garages, and outbuildings. Allow air circulation in the bushes by shaping the bushes at the bottom. The pruned branches should be put off so that they do not hide pests in them.

Get rid of the standing water

Ensure that there is no standing or stagnant water near the foundation. Crawlspace collects water. This is because it is lower than the rest of the area. Put a drainage that will help in pouring water far from the crawlspace. This will help in eradicating pests in your home. It will hence protect you from diseases such as malaria.

Avoid storing firewood near buildings

If firewood is stored near the foundation, pests will destroy it. Firewood will attract pests into migrating to where it is stored. Firewood should be stored away from any building in an area that is not watery. Pests can eat away your foundation leaving gaps.firewood

Latching and securing garbage containers

Storing of latched and secured garbage containers should be done away from home. This is to help in keeping pests away from home. You should regularly ensure garbage is removed from your garbage containers. This will help in eradicating pests in the containers.

Avoid exposing pet’s food continuously

Ensure you train your pets on eating routine. Feed them twice a day at a specific time. After the pets are through with eating, take the remains. Put the remains in a container that is tamperproof. Feeders used in feeding wild birds should be removed after some time, This is to help in sending off animals acting as pets.